We are thrilled to be partners with the awesome teams at PerformUP, Platform and HealthFit Collective. Together we aim to provide PLANiTPRO players with the total package, taking care of all your needs on and off the tennis court during every stage of development.

PerformUP provides mental skills training to help aspiring athletes reach their potential in their chosen sport. We will teach the skills to help you create habits that will enable you to master mental toughness under pressure, have the psychological edge over your opponents in competition and play with confidence at your peak performance more often. Your ability to perform under pressure is the measure of your mental toughness and the ultimate key to your success.


Platform is a sports management company focused on providing a pathway for students who wish to excel in their sports within the American college system. Currently in New Zealand, there is a wide range of gifted athletes who are not presented with the best opportunities to showcase their talent. Platform provides an efficient and quality pathway to counter this with the best service available, while accommodating all sports.



The HealthFit Collective are a cohesive team of physiotherapists, personal trainers, dietitians, massage therapists, yoga teachers, run coaches, movement specialists and psychologists who want people to become the best version of themselves! We understand the gruelling physical and mental requirements of an aspiring tennis player and we have the expertise in all the areas associated with tennis-specific needs.


A big thank you to our sponsors for all their help and support for PLANiTPRO.